Dads Make A Difference

The Dads Make a Difference program is designed to promote fathers' emotional connection to and financial support of their children. The project has developed strategies for engaging overburdened fathers in the lives of their children by building upon the strengths of fathers, of families, and of parent-child relationships.

Guiding Principles

  • A Healthy Families Father and SonFathers play a unique and irreplaceable role in the lives of their children.
  • All fathers, whether married, unmarried, or divorced, are responsible for establishing and maintaining connection to their children.
  • Community agencies have a responsibility to increase the degree and quality of fathers' involvement through the services they provide.
  • Our community can make responsible fatherhood a reality.

The Process

  • Dads are contacted within a few days of the birth of their child and invited to participate in any or all of the program activities.
  • Priorities for the first contacts are developing rapport, beginning the trust building process, and building on existing strengths.
  • Through home visits, Dads Meetings, Parent Group Meetings, Father-child Play activities, family outings, and recreational activities, fathers learn
  • The importance of being an involved father
  • Differences between mothering and fathering
  • Father-child activities that encourage appropriate stimulation, basic care skills, and child safety
  • The developmental stages of childhood
  • The importance of a permanent provider of medical care, timely well-care checks, immunizations, and sick child visits
  • Problem solving and life coping skills
  • To deal with relationship issues with their partner, family, in-laws, and others
  • To develop the capacity to provide family financial support through education, job training, and employment
  • To use community resources appropriately

Why Involve Dad?

Programs focused on ensuring the well being and success of children and families cannot afford to be naive or inattentive regarding the impact associated with father involvement.

Young Dad in the Healthy Families San Angelo Dads Make a Difference ProgramThe best way to help families achieve positive outcomes for children is to engage both parents in the active involvement in their children's lives regardless of whether the parents live together or not. Research indicates that children raised without an involved father are more vulnerable socially and economically than other children.

While we know that many of these children are resilient and that having an involved father does not automatically guarantee healthy outcomes, we also know that having a father who is physically available and emotionality connected increases the likelihood of a child's healthy development.

Mothers and fathers parent differently. Both are important to healthy child development and positive outcomes for children.

The Maps for Dads Curricula

Image of the Maps for Dads CurriculaHealthy Families San Angelo has developed two Maps for Dads curricula to be used with dads in home visits, office visits, or in group settings. In a fun, informative, and interactive style, these curricula support new dads in making a difference in their child's life by providing skills and information they need to raise happy, healthy children. In addition, they help dads build their own confidence in their ability to be effective, loving parents.

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Welcome to Dadhood! (Prenatal)

Doin' the Dad Thing! (Newborn to 3 years)

Dads Make a Difference Activities

Throughout the year Healthy Families San Angelo offer dads many opportunities to take an active part in family life, bonding, and building memories. And for all of these activities Healthy Families provides the equipment, tickets, dinner--whatever is needed!

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Dads' Group

This group meets quarterly at Healthy Families San Angelo to discuss topics such as child development, job search, legal issues, taxes, etc. In an informal atmosphere, dads share the experiences they have had raising their children and offer mentoring and camaraderie to dads with younger children. Frequently, guest speakers will offer valuable information on topics such as free tax preparation, obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License, changes in the laws, and resources available for parents needing help.

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Daddy and Me

Healthy Families San Angelo opens its doors for an evening of play for dads and their children, giving Mom a chance to take things easy for a while. The evening provides time for stress-free bonding and teaches dads developmentally appropriate games for their child’s age. A plus for families on a budget, everything they do at these events can be replicated at home at minimal or no cost to the family.

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Daddy-Daughter Date Night

It's a special night on the town for Dad and his little sweetheart when he takes her out dancing. The Daddy-daughter Date night is a great opportunity for bonding, fun, and showing off those fancy dance floor moves.

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Daddy and Me Fishing

The Dad and Me Fishing event takes dads and their kids age three and above to the lake where the kids fish along the bank while dad baits the hooks. The look of amazement is priceless the first time they catch a fish. This fishing event provides an opportunity for dads and children to spend time together learning about the outdoors--and about each other.

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Mother-Son Date Night

It's like a night of fun for Mom and Son, but dads are involved, too! They volunteer on the food serving line and drink booths, learning how to give back to the community through volunteerism.

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