Doin the Dad Thing

Understanding that fathers play a significant and critical role in ensuring positive outcomes for children, Healthy Families San Angelo has developed Maps for Dads, a two-volume set of curricula used with dads in home visits, office visits, or in group settings.

The first volume, Welcome to Dadhood!, covers the prenatal period.

This second volume, titled Doin' the Dad Thing!, concentrates on the development of newborns through age three, using a fun, informative, and interactive style that supports fathers with information, skills, and activities for

  • Creating nurturing father-child relationships
  • Promoting healthy child development
  • Developing skills for effective co-parenting, regardless of the parents' living situation

Each time a Home Visitor meets with the parents, they carry a lesson from the curriculum that is added to a three-ring notebook containing photos, keepsakes and milestones in the baby's life. This notebook becomes a treasure for the family to keep and a valuable reference guide for raising future children. Building the notebook together also helps the Home Visitor establish a positive, caring relationship with the parents.

A handy Curriculum Checklist is included in the purchase to assist in documentation and planning of home visits.

Your $599.00 investment in this powerful tool will provide you with the following for reproduction*:

  • Masters for both male and female (in either English or Spanish)
  • Curriculum Checklist master
  • Instructions for printing and storage
  • Guidelines for use and assembly

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* Permission is granted to the individual purchasing site for reproducing this material for the sole purpose of distributing the information to families enrolled in their local program.