John Henry & Amanda


Meeting up with John Henry and Amanda recently during their lunch break was a great insight into this couple's life.  Both work at Conner Steel; he is a welder, she in the payroll department.

Together for eight years, they have forged a solid relationship which began when they met in their church choir.  He, a guitarist, was attracted to the pretty singer seven years his junior.

At the time, John Henry was a single dad with a son, Henry, from a previous relationship, and she was 19.   The connection was mutual and strong, and they've been a team since first meeting.  After a year, son Nicholas, 7, was born.  Later they came into the Healthy Families program when daughter Star, 9 months, was born.   They were a little hesitant to join Healthy Families.

"We didn't think we needed to come to a relationship group," Amanda says today, "because we knew each other so well.  But now, since we've been through Couple Time, there are things we learned that keep coming out."  For instance, when Amanda is upset about something, today John Henry is more likely to ask her to talk about the problem and offer comfort.

They appreciate their common bond of love for the children.

"He's always playing with the kids and smothering them with love," Amanda says, adding quickly, laughing, "not really smothering--more like covering them with love.  He loves the kids."

And Baby Star has her father wrapped around her little finger.  John Henry smiles knowingly as Amanda reveals Star can get her daddy to do anything she wants.

Amanda says having three kids is a job, but they love it.  And, she adds with a big smile, school is starting up soon.  She says they'll get a bit of a break.

Their Family Coordinator Amy says, "John Henry and Amanda meshed well with the other couples in group. They gave a lot to the others and got back as well.  She's always talkative, but John Henry opened up a lot at group."  The couple serves on the Healthy Families Steering Committee to provide input to the program.