Juan & Conchita


Juan, 25, and Conchita, 24, and their three adorable girls are always in motion, laughing and running.   One can't tell the couple has weathered many years of bad times, bad choices, all of which eventually led them to the security they share today.  And much of their happiness they credit to what they have learned at Couple Time, the Healthy Families relationship enhancement group couples attend every week for five months.  It has been so helpful Juan and Conchita are now attending their third Couple Time group and are still getting a lot out of it.

From the time they met as young teenagers at Eight Wheels Skating Rink, Juan and Conchita knew they were meant for each other.  However, as Juan himself admits, he was a smart aleck teen who caused trouble in school and wherever he went.

"They'd (teachers) tell me something, and I'd do the opposite," he ruefully admitted recently.

A cocaine habit eventually landed him in prison for one and a half years.  Along the way they had Ysidra, now 8, Brianna, 6, and baby Brittney, 1 year old.  Brittney's birth led them to Healthy Families.

Also, by the time Brittney was born, Juan had a stable job with a floor installation company and a boss who cared enough to mentor him.  But when they started Couple Time, they didn't know what to expect.  They say it changed their lives.

"It taught us how to talk to each other.  Now we don't get physical when we argue.  We work it out," Conchita said.

They've gotten so good at practicing all the relationship skills they've learned, they are able to help new couples who start group.

"I try to steer them the right way," Juan said.  ”I can help other people not make the mistakes I did.   I don’t push it, but if they want to talk, I talk.”

As graduates of Couple Time, Juan and Conchita are members of the Healthy Families Steering Committee where they are able to share ideas on improving the program.